Saturday, April 3, 2010

Days 88-93?

Oops, I've kind of lost count of the days. My camera wasn't working for a couple days and I was really upset. Luckily it was just something with the lens and I was able to get it working again.  So, I didn't get to take a picture every day this week, but I did take some.

I have been trying to practice on focus still. I just can't seem to get eyes really sharp looking.  Norm is easy to practice on since he sits real still for me most of the time:

Kennedy is a lot harder! She is always moving and nailing the focus is already hard enough for me:

And this one is just for fun- her new favorite toy:

Today Kennedy was invited to a birthday party!  Even though she was the youngest one there, she had a great time. She got her face painted (just a little), did an easter egg hunt and mastered an obstacle course!

Here she is crawling around with the birthday girl:

And here is the obstacle course:

We put her in it thinking we would just get a quick picture and she would probably come right out. 

But she didn't want out and I couldn't believe she made it all the way through!


Hopefully tomorrow I can get some good pictures of her on Easter.

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