Saturday, January 30, 2010

Days 28-29

So I finally have this new camera and no time to really play with it! I feel like there is soooo much to learn and it is a little overwhelming. I keep reading more and more and I feel like it is so much to take in. I think I just need to take baby steps and try to nail one thing at a time- focus, manual settings, etc. I am just so impatient- once I get excited about something, I want it all at once. I just want to pick up the camera and know exactly what to do and do it perfectly!

Day 29- Kennedy's shoes

day 27 037

Day 28- Katrina (would have been better if I didn't chop off her ears)

day 27 030

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27

Anticipation. All week I have been stalking the UPS website. I knew my camera was due to be delivered today, but still, I must have checked that website 10 times a day. Was it going to come early? late? I wouldn't be satisfied until it was sitting on my doorstep.   So finally this morning the doorbell rings (yay!)- it was a certified letter (boo). 10 minutes later it rang again and FINALLY it was here!

Of course, I was itching to try out everything- read the manual front and back, check out all the accessories,take pictures of everything- you get the picture.  But alas, my little monster baby wasn't about to let that happen. She has been on a screaming jag the past few days and it as not been too much fun. But I love her, a lot. So after a few hours she calmed down enough that we could play in her room and I could try out the camera a bit. It was already getting dark so I didn't get to do too much, and the pictures aren't anything great, but I am so excited to finally have it and really start learning.

day 27 017

day 27 014

day 27 009

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Days 24-26

So my new camera arrives tomorrow (yay!!!!) and I pretty much have been so lazy about taking photos these last few days since I can't wait for my new camera. All I have taken the past couple days are just some snapshots, nothing too special, but they are of Kennedy so they are all cute of course.  Starting tomorrow I will start taking real pictures and really start learning my camera. I will also be doing the 12 weeks to better photos course which I am really excited about. Plus, we are heading to Boston in just a few days so I will have a ton of new stuff to photograph.  It gets kinda boring being in this house all day trying to find different things to take pictures of!

                                                                    Day 26

Day 25-  Kennedy has been obsessed with the animals lately, especially Norm. Everytime they are nearby she is totally distracted by them, staring and smiling and trying to grab them. She has even started petting Norm!

Day 24-  Ron is trying to pass on his new obssesion (hiking) to Kennedy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

I didn't have any time to take any photos during the daylight today, so I made Ron dig up a flashlight and try some light-writing! It was so much fun, and the 1st 2 pictures came out the best. After that we got silly trying to do all kinds of stuff and most of the pictures were just a big blur. Oh well! We had fun, and hopefully the neighbors didn't see the flashlight shining all around and think someone was trying to rob us.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Days 21-22

I should be sleeping right now, but I have to stay up to watch Conan's last show, right?

God bless my sister for coming over today and helping me get this house of mine clean and FINALLY got all my laundy finished. I swear I have been doing laundry for 2 weeks and it still wasn't finished.  Thanks Kim!! Then we did the long torturous task of doing all her wedding thank you cards- You're welcome Kim!! ha ha
as you can see, Kennedy wanted to help too.

                                                                       Day 22

Day 21

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days 18-20

Really nothing to report and not mush to show for these past few days. It has been raining non-stop so I have hardly left the house and it is too dark in here to really take any photos.

Day 20

Day 19- Stuck Indoors All day!

Day 18-  We only went out to take Kennedy to her 4 month appointment. It was pouring rain and we were so focused on keeping her dry I didn't even grab my camera.  This photo sucks since I took it on my cell phone, but it is Kennedy at the doctor waiting for her 4 month shots  :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 17

I am really behind on uploading my pictures from the last few days. I am hoping to get caught up tonight once I can get the little one to sleep.

A few nights ago I started cleaning out Kennedy's dresser and packing up all the close she has already grown out of. I cannot believe how big she has grown already. I still remember when half of those clothes were way too big for her! Luckily she still fit in Ron's old baby outfit so we took some pictures of her in it playing with Ron's smurf doll from when he was little.  So cute!

365 019

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16- My Beautiful Girl

Tonight is my first night away from my baby and I am having withdrawls! However, it is gonna be nice to have my first full night of sleep in over 4 months.



A little blurry, but too funny not to share! Take this times about 20, and that is my typical day  :)  Hopefully there will be a end to all the spit up in the near future!

This is starting to get a little discouraging. Just having a point and shoot limits what I can do and I feel like I am not getting enough practice. The only time I am able to try and take photos is at night once we finally get Kennedy to bed, and there is only so much in this dark house I can try to take photos of. Not to mention since I do not want to use the flash anything I try and photograph comes out so dark and I can't do anything about it.  I am really hoping I can get my new camera in the next couple of months, I really can't wait.  I am also very excited to head to Boston in a couple weeks, it will be a nice change of pace and hopefully break me out of this rut.  There is always such great stuff to photograph there and it gets me so inspired. But I must say I am more than a little worried about the flight- traveling with a dog and a baby just sounds terrifiying!

day14-15 005

Last night Ron got a little taste of what I have been dealing with all day long the last couple of weeks.  He was home alone with Kennedy for a few hours while she was being super fussy. He tried for over an hour to get her to sleep and finally she passed out on the couch with him. He was so happy for her to finally sleep that he didn't move for over an hour, just so he wouldn't wake her up. We eventually moved her to the crib, were she slept for about an hour, then of course, was up all night with me!

day14-15 002
he he, look at those chunky thighs!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Days 12-13

Pretty dull day here. The entire day consisted of doing massive amounts of laundry while watching a marathon of crappy Lifetime movies. So embarassing. I know all of you reading this are so jealous of my super exciting life!
Kennedy actually napped on and off for most of the day which has been a nice break from her screaming. I think she may be teething, hopefully the doctor can say for sure when we go in for her 4 month appointment next week. 
 Yesterday was pretty busy and I really didn't have a chance to take any decent photos. We got Kennedy a exersaucer over the weekend and so I just snapped a couple pictures of her in it last night. She doesn't look too excited in the pictures, but I swear she loves it!
                                                                Day 13- Laundry

Day 12

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Days 10-11

Ugh.  It has been a rough few days.  Kennedy is not sleeping. AT. ALL.  I'm talking walking up every 30 minutes, all night long and screaming. It is exhausting and I feel like a walking zombie, only crankier.  Thankfully Ron had today off so I got a bit of a break. But I really had no energy to do much other than run some errands and spend some time cuddling with Norm. Of course this also means I have not had much time, energy or inpiration to take many photos. Please God let this end soon!

And if for some reason Kennedy does sleep tonight I will probably be laying in bed wide awake. Like an idiot I rented Paranoral Activity tonight and it scared the crap out of me!  I swear every little noise will have me jumping out of skin.  It even freaked out Ron, and he is the horror movie junkie.

                                                                       Day 10

Day 11

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9- Family Outing at Vasquez Rocks

Ron had the day off and had been wanting to take me on a hike. We had Kennedy, so it was more of a leisurely stroll than a hike, but nice either way.  I brought along 2 cameras and got a few shots I liked, plus some cute shots of Kennedy of course!

day9 053

day9 057

day9 029

day9 030

day9 027

day9 024

day9 015


I took 2 cameras with me and couldn't figure out why all the ones from the Olympus had a white blur on them (see below). When I got home I looked at the camera and found the culprit- a big ol' thumbprint on the lense. Oops!


Now Kennedy!  The one with Ron is my favorite, she has the cutest look on her face and it looks like she is trying to wave to me  :)


day9 048


Day 8

Didn't have time to post last night, plus there really was nothing interesting to report. Kennedy screamed her way through most of the day and woke up EVERY hour last night. Hopefully this will not continue!

Only pictures I took were just of random objects around the house, trying to practice the manual mode in a dark house. Not too impressive, but since I have to post a pic each day, this will have to do.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

Long, long day. And now to top it all off it is time for me to get my butt in gear and do the stupid 30 Day Shred. Goddamn you Jillian Michaels, you are one evil lady.

And of course the daily dose of cuteness (not taken today).  HA ha, how can you not laugh when you see this picture?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6- Cookies & Kennedy

Finally got some free time to bake since Ron had the day off. Sad thing is, these are all already gone and a good amount are in my tummy :(  Even more sad is that last night I polished off our leftover Christmas candy while watching the Biggest Loser.  Argh! What is it gonna take to get me motivated to lose these last 10 pounds?

And of course, here are some cute pics of the little lady!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

Kennedy has been one FUSSY girl today and I am exhausted!  I had to find a way to get some pictures taken today, and the camera in her face somehow managed to hold her attention and calm her- for awhile.

Once she finally fell asleep for a nap I played around a bit and took this picture through my water glass. Not too great, but I thought it looked kinda neat.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Kind of a lazy day today, and it was pretty gloomy out so not too much nice natural lighting in the house.  Decided to play around tonight with indoor lighting and the Christmas tree before I take it down.  This is really not something I am familiar with and it proved to be pretty challenging. It also didn't help that I used objects that were solid black and white- oh well! I tried and that is the whole point of this project, right?