Friday, April 9, 2010

Days 95-98

98- Why, why, why did I ever have to find out about The Pioneer Woman? I have become obssesed with her website and all the recipes! Everyday I have to search through them, drooling and making shopping lists. I have made a few recipes a week and have not been dissapointed yet.  Well, I am dissapointed in myself for eating all of it, while I am trying to lose weight.  Her recipes are not exactly diet friendly.  

My favorite recipe so far is the buttered rosemary rolls- yum!  I made them last night for the 2nd time.


97-  Kennedy is so beautiful and I can't take credit since NOBODY thinks she looks like me.  I love to watch her when she is napping, she looks so sweet and peaceful and I just want to cuddle with her all day.


96-  As I've posted before, Kennedy really loves our dog Norm and cat Katrina.  But, she doesn't understand that it is not ok to grab chunks of the fur and yank as hard as she can.  Norm is not crazy about this and lately tries to keep his distance from her.  But for Katrina, I think she is so happy to have someone giving her so much attention that she just keeps taking the abuse. The other day Katrina got brave and jumped into Kennedy's playpen (while it was empty)  A little while later I put Kennedy in there and snapped a few pictures of her mauling the cat before I moved the poor kitty out of there.  I swear, Katrina does not mind at all!


95-  Soooo, remember earlier I said I am trying to lose a little weight?  I ordered a week of Nutrisystem to test it out and see if it was even edible before dropping the cash for a month's worth.  The food I have tried so far isn't bad, but I now understand why everyone seems to lose weight on it:


They freakin starve you to death!  This is DINNER, the whole meal. Smaller than my damn hand!!!!  I guess you can have fruits and veggies too, but this is insane.

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