Monday, March 8, 2010

Days 65-67

Kennedy is 6 months old today! I know everyone says it goes by so fast, and it really is true. It's funny because it seems like a lifetime ago that I was in the hospital, ready to meet her.  And those first few months were so rough I thought time was crawling. But suddenly here we are, 6 months later. I can't believe that this time last year I was pregnant, losing my job and having a hard time imagining what life would be like with a child. Now, I don't even want to go one day without her. The past couple weeks she has been growing and changing so much, every day she is doing something new.  She is becoming a big girl so quickly, it's exciting and sad at the same time.  I love watching her learn and discover new things, but when I think back to even a few weeks ago, she has already changed so much. I love her more and more each day but I can't wrap my head around how fast she changes- the little girl I knew last week is already gone, and next week she will be different yet again. As much as I love watching all these changes and look forward to more, I wish it would slow down just a bit. It feels like before I know it my little baby will gone. I never realized how fast the baby stage really goes by.

Thank God for pictures, they capture all her moments so I can always look back and remember. I may not be a great photographer and I hope one day I can get pretty decent at this- but for now, I am just grateful to have so many of Kennedy's moments captured in photographs- in focus or not!

                                               Day 67- Practicing crawling on the hard floors

Day 66- Ron put Kennedy down for nap and then jumped in the shower. Kennedy never goes down for a nap without a fight and I couldn't believe how fast he got her to sleep and she wasn't crying. I peeked in her room and saw this:

Day 65- She is starting to discover EVERYTHING! She needs to touch anything and everything- funny that to a baby, even a bag of diapers is exciting.

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