Saturday, March 13, 2010

Days 68-72

I took Kennedy for a long walk today and then stopped at the park to take some pictures. Stupid me, I didn't pay attention at all to where the sun was and so I am so dissapointed with all the pictures. Too many shadows!  But she is so cute, I had to post a couple anyway!
At the doctor's office for Kennedy's 6 month appoitment.  She has discovered her new favorite toy- crinkly paper! Once she started playing with it, there was no stopping her. By the time the nurse came in to give her the vaccinations, the paper was completley shreddred. Oh well, if she has to get a shot, the least I can do it let her go to town on some paper!
I didn't take any other pictures this week that were interesting enough to post. But, Ron took some funny pictures of Kennedy on his phone that I thought I would share.  I just love this girl!
She has now discovered sticking out her tounge....and she won't stop!
And my personal favorite:

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