Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kennedy's becoming such a big girl!

I have been kinda bad about taking pictures the past few days and don't have much to post. BUT.. Kennedy has been doing all kinds of new things the past 2 days so here are a few snapshots. I grabbed my little point and shoot and just started cliking so I didn't miss anything. The pictures aren't great, but I am just happy I captured her doing these new things!

So yesterday at my parent's house my mom calls me into her office to look at what Kennedy is doing:

I can't believe she was trying to stand up!

So then we put her in her play yard and stood her up:

And then she fell (excuse the blur):

And she's up again! (Taken by my dad):

Today she was really crawling like a champ, pretty soon she will be all over the house!  She also had her first taste of some real food (other than boring oatmeal):

Mmmmmmmm, sweet potatoes!

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