Sunday, January 3, 2010

Days 1-3

Bad bad Erin! On New Years day I drove myself and Kennedy down to San Diego to visit family for the long weekend and totally lagged on starting my daily photos. I only brought my small little point and shoot and just took a handful of family pictures. And here I was thinking I was so bad ass starting a day early!

Day 1

On a bright note, Kennedy has learned to roll from her back to her tummy- yay! She has been trying so hard for the past week or so and finally managed to figure it out.  Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Linda were all there to cheer her on and once she got it, she wouldn't stop!  We got home today and she was happy to show off her new skill to Daddy!

Day 2- Almost there!Success!!

Kennedy and her cousin Colin have finally met! Can't wait for him to come back in the summer so they can hang out some more.
Day 3

Ok, I promise- Tomorrow I get serious!

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