Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27

Anticipation. All week I have been stalking the UPS website. I knew my camera was due to be delivered today, but still, I must have checked that website 10 times a day. Was it going to come early? late? I wouldn't be satisfied until it was sitting on my doorstep.   So finally this morning the doorbell rings (yay!)- it was a certified letter (boo). 10 minutes later it rang again and FINALLY it was here!

Of course, I was itching to try out everything- read the manual front and back, check out all the accessories,take pictures of everything- you get the picture.  But alas, my little monster baby wasn't about to let that happen. She has been on a screaming jag the past few days and it as not been too much fun. But I love her, a lot. So after a few hours she calmed down enough that we could play in her room and I could try out the camera a bit. It was already getting dark so I didn't get to do too much, and the pictures aren't anything great, but I am so excited to finally have it and really start learning.

day 27 017

day 27 014

day 27 009

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