Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Days 24-26

So my new camera arrives tomorrow (yay!!!!) and I pretty much have been so lazy about taking photos these last few days since I can't wait for my new camera. All I have taken the past couple days are just some snapshots, nothing too special, but they are of Kennedy so they are all cute of course.  Starting tomorrow I will start taking real pictures and really start learning my camera. I will also be doing the 12 weeks to better photos course which I am really excited about. Plus, we are heading to Boston in just a few days so I will have a ton of new stuff to photograph.  It gets kinda boring being in this house all day trying to find different things to take pictures of!

                                                                    Day 26

Day 25-  Kennedy has been obsessed with the animals lately, especially Norm. Everytime they are nearby she is totally distracted by them, staring and smiling and trying to grab them. She has even started petting Norm!

Day 24-  Ron is trying to pass on his new obssesion (hiking) to Kennedy

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